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Apply for legal assistance 

Rey’a seeks to help those in need of legal representation who are not financially able to afford such services. Rey’a may assist by providing attorney referrals to licensed practicing attorneys and financial assistance obtained through public support to meet or offset legal costs, whether services are obtained through a Rey'a Allied Attorney or another attorney whom the client might choose. 

The sole criteria for individuals seeking legal assistance is to demonstrate hardship and need.  All applications will be prayerfully and confidentially considered by our Board of Directors. Submitting an application for assistance does not guarantee a financial award.  Because resources are limited, the hardship and need sufficient to warrant monetary provision may involve consideration of extraordinary circumstances such as job loss, divorce, extended illness, or other significant family disruption.  Rey’a considers all applicants on a non-discriminatory basis.  To assist the greatest number of applicants, assistance is provided in the minimum amount necessary to supplement the applicant's resources. Applicants will be notified of the Board's decision as soon as practicable.

If you need financial assistance for legal services, we encourage you to apply.

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Thank you for applying. Your application is under consideration.

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