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Rey’a can fulfill its non-profit mission only through the generosity of its donors and its network of attorneys.

We are looking for friends who will join Rey’a in loving our neighbors by giving time, resources, or talent. The need is great. Thank you in advance for making your financial contribution here:


Rey'a is required to pay a transaction fee in excess of 3% for all PayPal donations.  To assure the full amount of your donation is used for charitable purposes, please consider adding that amount to your PayPal donation.  Or, simply send a check for your donation to assure no transaction fees, and you'll receive your cancelled check as your receipt. 

Offer your legal services

Our network includes attorneys covering Northeast Ohio and Central Minnesota and practicing domestic relations, adoption, estate planning, landlord/tenant, and civil litigation.  But our goal is to meet our neighbors’ needs by providing compassionate and capable legal representation for any need in all 50 states.  If you are interested in joining Rey'a, click the button below to get involved today!

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